Hassay Savage History

Founded in 1969, Hassay Savage Company begins its fifth decade as a family-owned manufacturer of precision broaches. In our first forty years, we have established our reputation at the forefront of broaching systems as a producer of quality standard broaches and bushings while increasingly proving our capabilities in the area of customized broaching. We intend to maintain both the standard and special broaching needs of our growing customer base.

Since 2005, the resurgent tool making industry faces an exciting challenge to provide cost-effective solutions for our complex industrial society. Hassay Savage’s achievements rest on the shoulders of the company’s skilled tool and die makers. We are committed to supporting our fine craftsmen with the necessary state-of-the-art resources: in design (AUTO_CAD), in computerized and process manufacturing (CNC and CAM), and through process control and process analysis (SPC). In doing so we stand ready to address your broaching applications, questions and problems, and to make solutions for you.

If the broaching process proves to be the more cost-effective approach for your manufacturing process, a Hassay Savage precision broach is the solution. Our standard or special broaches are ground by our technically advanced manufacturing systems to meet the most exacting specifications. A Hassay Savage high-speed steel broach has longer life, gives cleaner cuts, and requires less frequent sharpening and replacement.

Talk to one of our engineers today about your broaching needs. At Hassay Savage we listen to your concerns; we will work with you to meet your product goals while increasing your profit margin. Your business is our business.

Our catalogue provides you with the information you need as you consider for the first time the broaching alternative to reaming, milling or shaping; or as you consider turning to Hassay Savage for tooling or retooling your broaches.

Hassay Savage presents a comprehensive line of high-speed steel broaching tools capable of critically accurate cuts in many configurations while producing extraordinary smooth surface finishes.

We can show you how broaching can be a superior, cost-effective alternative to other machining processes customarily employed to mass-produce identical parts.

Hassay Savage delivers topnotch, well-engineering, and profitable broaching tools, off-the-shelf or custom-designed. Our turnaround times are among the best in the industry.