Magafor History

Manufacturers of Precision Machine Tools and Drills Since 1937

Founded in 1937 by Robert Matthey, Magafor has become a world leader in precision cutting tools. Mr. Matthey learned the craft of precision tool making in the Swiss town of Vallorbe and built the foundation for his great company just outside Paris. Under his leadership, Magafor became the world’s finest and largest producer of center drills. It was from this beginning, that Magafor is now recognized as the world’s finest producer of unique, precision cutting tools. For over 75 years, Magafor has built its reputation on both quality and innovation.

Magafor is the only tool manufacturer commissioned by the EU for the advanced study of Micro Machining and leads all companies with their advanced research. They work with all the latest technologies to provide you with superior and unique cutting tool solutions for your most demanding applications. Magafor does “small” really well!

Today, Magafor offers over 6,000 standard items providing you with a tremendous range of cutting tool solutions. Yes, Magafor is the world’s finest producer of Micro Precision Cutting Tools! How can we help you with your most demanding applications?


With more than 250 product groups and over 8,000 standard products, Magafor offers the solution adapted to each of your machining applications. For example, the 0,40mm diameter micro end-mill is available in 26 different lengths and styles! Who offers more? Styles, materials and lengths vary within each specific range of tooling to offer you the widest selection.


To detect the needs created by new technologies – To analyze and compare the totality of the special tools which are required of us – To compare the heavy tendencies of the market – Such are the studies undertaken by Magafor to offer a standard answer, available with specific expectations of the most demanding customers.


The multi-purpose concept is one of the recent major evolutions for machining operations. With it’s multi-function tools and tools for combined machining, Magafor emphasizes this evolution. These new concepts reduce the machining times, the number of tools needed and set-up time.


The miniaturization and the market requirements directed towards perfection have incited us to stock extensive series of standard items and an unrivaled range of types, forms, materials and coatings.