Rotary & Index Broaching for Medical & Dental Parts

Rotary and index broaching in our industry today is becoming a more consistent part of the manufacturing process as CNC machines become more sophisticated. The Swiss CNC equipment today can even compensate for concentricity of centerline to hole location, which is a major improvement over machines of only a few years ago. The components built in the medical fields today require incredibly close tolerances and strict quality controls like "6-sigma" to get their products to market.

Why Choose Hassay Savage for Your Medical & Dental Parts?
  • Consistent Hi-Tolerance Forms for Long Production Runs!
  • Superb Surface Finishes!
  • Outstanding Tool Life in Stainless & Titanium!
  • Special Sizes, Special Tolerances in Less Than 5 Days!
Special Tolerance and Special lengths for a variety of solutions specific to our customer

60% of our manufactured tooling is considered a special. The amount of "special" tools manufactured every day in our plant is more than our standard line in the orthopedic market. Hassay Savage special tooling is typically delivered in 5-7 days to our customer's specifications. Our CNC-CBN ground tools are always consistent tool to tool.

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