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Multi-Function Tool

One Tool, One Holder . . . . 10 OPERATIONS!

This is the ideal tool for machine centers and CNC processing.

Combination of multiple machining processes:

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  • Combine 2,3 or more operations in one tool
  • Reduction in set up & operation time

Improved Performance

  • Fine cutting edge for improved drilling & interpolation with better surface finishes
  • Micrograin carbide for wear resistance & rigidity
  • 30 degree spiral flutes improves chip removal


A carbide tool coating with a high hardness (3500HV). This coating shows a high thermic stability and an excellent protection against heat and wear. Ideal for dry machining and cutting of heat-treated steels and dies up to 67RHC.

This is the ideal tool for machine centers and NC processing machines.

Combination of multiple machining process:

  • Reduction in machine set-up time,
  • Reduction of operating time,
  • Less overall tool changes.

Improved preferences:

  • Fine cutting edge with improved depth and surface finish,
  • Micrograin solid carbide for better wear resistance and greater rigidity,
  • 30degree spiral helix facilitates better chip removal.

Easy storage:

  • Fewer tools required,
  • Less tool spaces required in magazine.