Broach Resharpening Program

We take great pride in producing quality broaching tools capable of long-lasting performance through our CNC resharpening and rebuilding process. In rebuilding a broach, our CNC machine first examines the entire broach with its touch probe.

This procedure accurately locates the face and gullet of each tooth to measure the exact spacing, depth and all its angles. The touch probe compensates for any irregularities stemming from the broach's original tooling.

The Hassay Savage Method of Reconditioning

Broaches require sharpening when:
  • Excessive pressure is necessary to run the broach
  • Tearing or poor finish is evident in the part
  • Broach begins drifting
  • Chatter occurs during broaching
  • Cutting section shows signs of wear
Steps in Reconditioning Method:
  • Replace broken teeth by welding where necessary
  • Full form grinding of gullet and face of tooth form
  • Re-grind tooth crests to remove chips and nicks from teeth Broach Resharpening
  • Re-step teeth to proper uniform taper and cutting action
  • Re-grind existing chipbreakers to give proper chip flow
  • Relieve tooth crests to provide the proper clearance for achieving good part finished
  • Fully quality control inspection to blue print
  • Insert tools are re-marked to compensate to original dimensions
Resharpening by Hassay Savage toolmakers extends the tool life of special broaches:
  • A thorough examination is made of the worn tool with CNC touch probe to locate face and gullet of each tooth
  • All teeth are reground and repaired to exact specifications and maximum tool strength
  • Final inspection is made to original tool blueprint and serialized

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